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Tips to choose a right Roasted coffee packaging

Nov. 30, 2021

Tips to choose a right Roasted coffee packaging


      A cup of coffee is the beginning of our workday. Good coffee beans are the soul of a cup of coffee, After roasting, the coffee beans can be used. It is important to pack as soon as possible to avoid loss of aroma and keep fresh. In the past few years, we have also provided a lot of coffee beans packaging solutions. No matter packaging roasted coffee beans or ground coffee powder, What should we need to pay attention to in the process of packaging?

Tips to choose a right Roasted coffee packaging

 1. Choose the right packaging material

1) Flexible non-airtight packaging

This is the most economical one. It is usually adopted by small local bakery factories because they can guarantee fast delivery. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. Coffee beans in this type of packaging tend to have a relatively short shelf life.


It is strongly recommended as the packaging for Roasted coffee or Ground coffee. Due to the feature of Aluminum foil, which has good barrier properties, high heat-seal performance and good moisture resistance, high transparency. And has good acid and abrasion resistance It can continuously retain the aroma and brittleness of coffee beans.


Tips to choose a right Roasted coffee packaging

2. One-way valve on packaging


      No matter the Pre-made bag or Roll film package. The most important key on the bags should become with “One-way valve”. This valve allows air to go out, but air cannot enter the bag. due to the outgassing process, the aroma will be somewhat lost. It avoids the formation of spoilage, but it cannot prevent the loss of aroma. If you are using a prefabricated bag, you can choose a prefabricated bag equipped with a one-way valve. If you are using a roll film bag, we can add an order valve configuration on the packaging machine.


Here is the one of Roasted Coffee packaging machines we did for our customers before. Vibrator as the “One-way” valve feeder. It will be fixed on the roll film before sealing.

Tips to choose a right Roasted coffee packaging

3. Vacuum nitrogen filling

      This is the most expensive way, but it can preserve coffee for up to two years. Normally customers will choose the Tin package for Roasted coffee.  After filling inert gas, such as Nitrogen to keep proper pressure inside the package. Coffee beans are stored under pressure, leaving the aroma So that improves the aroma of the beverage...A bottle filling machine accompanied with a Vacuum nitrogen filling device can meet your requirements.

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