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5 Quantitative Filling Methods Of Edible Oil Filling Machinery

Jan. 07, 2022

5 Ways Quantitative filling of Edible Cooking Oil Filling Machine

5 Quantitative Filling Methods Of Edible Oil Filling Machinery

      As Fast-pace of life, so that many young people began to suffer from insomnia, heart attack, so that sub-health state. More and more younger generation concentrate on their own health. So They cook themselves. As this year Landpack Liquid Filling Machine line increased 65%, for Cooking Oil filling machine increased 32% which is the most popular packing machine among customers abroad.

      As the year 2021 edible oil filling machine industry is also a top trend among factories and wholesalers, especially in southeast Indonesia customers. Today Landpack will talk about how the edible oil quantitative filling in the bottles or cans. Means how to be quantitative filling. There have below 5 kinds of filling methods.

5 Quantitative Filling Methods Of Edible Oil Filling Machinery

1. Quantitative filling method for controlling the liquid height level 

      This way is to achieve quantitative filling by controlling the height of the liquid level in the filling bottles. The cooking oil volume of each filling is equal to the volume of the bottle cavity of a certain height, so it is also called "quantification by the bottle". The method machine structure is simple, no need for auxiliary equipment, and easy to operate, but it is not suitable for products with higher filling accuracy, because the volume accuracy of the bottle directly affects the accuracy of filling volume.

2. Quantitative filling method by Measuring Cups

      Edible oil quantitative filling machine This method is to first inject liquid into the quantitative cup for quantitative measurement and then inject the measured edible oil into the bottle to be filled. Therefore, the volume of each filling is equal to the volume of the quantitative cup.  


3. Measuring Pump 

      This is a quantitative method of filling by pressure. The Box Motion movement is controlled by dring force, and the edible oil is sucked into the piston-cylinder from the storage Hopper, and then pressed into the filling container. The filling amount is equal to the volume of plant oil, rapeseed in the piston pump.  In addition, a soft film under the action of gas pressure, the material from the cylinder into the filling chamber, and then into the container.  


4. Electronic metrology

      The filling valve has two liquid channels of different sizes. When the oil passes through the liquid channel, the load sensor measures the weight of the oil in real-time. When the filling liquid approaches the specified filling amount, the filling valve can be converted into a loop with a small flow until the specified filling amount is reached. This device displays need reset until 0 before filling, container weight deviation is determined. so this filling volume precision is very high. When filling quantity changes, just revise the value of the data switch, it can be realized instantly, and it is easy to handle.

5. Flowmeter

      With high loading precision, flow display currently, flow accumulation, automatic counting, loading times, screen lock setting function can be adjusted to a wide range of filling, can be adjusted between 500ml-20L.

      As the development of edible oil quantitative filling machine can already with domestic and international demands for most of the production capacity, it is also a filling machine's big step and the development achievement in the background of the rapid development of China Economic.

      Cooking Oil filling machines will gradually be replaced by advanced science and technology and a new filling system, step by step, facing the whole automation development.

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