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Single Station Pre-Made Packing Machine

May. 25, 2022

        The single-station pre-made bag feeding and packaging machine is suitable for a variety of prefabricated bags such as three-side sealing, stand-up bags, gusseted bags and square bottom bags. Features, small footprint, compact design, small investment, fast return, suitable for small and medium packaging manufacturers. Applicable bag types include standing and sealable prefabricated bags, ordinary standing bags, sealable zippered bags, flat bottom bags, 3-side sealing bags, square zippered bags, prefabricated bags without zippers, etc.



        1.A new generation of dust-proof racks are designed and constructed for easy cleaning;

        2.The frame is made without holes and seamless to ensure hygiene and easy cleaning;

        3.Thick and strong 304SUS material is durable;

        4.Suitable for a variety of bag sizes and shapes;

        5.Safety lock protection meets European and American market requirements;

        6.Easy to operate and adjust; attention to detail;

        7. Automatic bag giving, filling and sealing, automatic bag detection, bagless and unfilled packaging quality accessories:

        8. Panasonic PLC, Omron temperature controller, Weiview touch screen, Airtac pneumatic component coding, overweight support bracket, automatic zipper opening device, feeding bag and other optional accessories are flexible and applicable


        The machine can be equipped with vacuum device, electronic scale, powder head, sauce pump, liquid pump and corresponding feeding device.






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