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What's the Advantages and disadvantages of Pre-made bag packing machine

Nov. 30, 2021

What’s the Advantages and disadvantages of a Pre-made bag packing machine


What's the Advantages and disadvantages of Pre-made bag packing machine

      The Premade bag packing machine means using the Premade bag to pack products to achieve from load bag, open bag, code, measuring, and seal bags fully automatically. The Premade bag packing machine is more conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise.

      Here, We will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the Premade bag packaging machine.


      What’s the Advantage of Premade bag packing machine?


1. Protection of workers and Saving labor costs.

      For some special products, such as severely dusty products, toxic, irritating, and radioactive products, manual packaging cannot avoid health hazards, but mechanical packaging can avoid affecting the health of workers. For radioactivity The product can also avoid environmental pollution caused by manual operation errors, win a reputation for the company, and protect the health of employees. Also, the Pre-made bag packing machine adopts a Robot to pick up bags, Date printing, Open bag. Measuring material. Filling material. Seal the bag and output the finished product to achieve it fully automatically.


2. The Pre-made bag package is more beautifully and improve the value of the product

      Compared with roll film bags, prefabricated bags have more exquisite packaging, which improves the packaging effect, thereby enhancing the value of the product. Increase the competitiveness of the market.


3. Improve the corporate image

      The application of workshop automation and mechanization can show the soft power of enterprises. Due to the improvement of work efficiency, customers are more willing to choose to cooperate with us to improve their production efficiency.


4. Convenient for business management

      Unlike manual labor, mechanical equipment has many uncontrollable factors. For example, ask for leave, feel low salary, change job, etc. But machinery and equipment will not, as long as the daily maintenance is done, not only do you not have to worry about asking for leave or changing jobs, but you can also put into work all day long without holidays.


5. Automatic detection function

      The bag can be recycled due to the detection function is accompanied by the equipment, If the bag is not loaded, the equipment will not fill material and will not seal the bag so that the bag can be used continuously without causing waste; and the detection function can also detect equipment failures and malfunctions The status can be displayed on the touch screen, saving time for maintenance workers.


      Of course, no matter how advanced the equipment is, it is not perfect, and it will have shortcomings. For the Pre-made pouch packaging machine, there are the following shortcomings. You can understand and choose to use the equipment:


1. Limitations of packaging size

      Although the premade bag packaging machine can realize multiple functions in one machine, as far as the current domestic technology is concerned, there are certain limitations on the size of the bag. The size of the bag cannot be different. Generally, the height of the bag is 120-400mm, and the width is 10-300mm. A bag that is too small or too large will affect the packaging effect.


2. The choice of feeding method

      It is more troublesome to replace the feeding method for the bag packaging machine. Generally, it is not recommended for the manufacturer to equip a host with multiple feeding equipment, so you must determine your products when purchasing equipment, such as granular products such as rice packaging, dried fruit packaging, and melon seeds Packaging, candy packaging, pet food packaging, and grain seed packaging will choose multi-heads weigher for metering; powder products such as seasoning packaging, washing powder packaging, flour packaging, screw metering device would be recommended.


3. Equipment maintenance

      If the bag packaging machine wants to have a long service life, the equipment needs to be maintained and maintained. The maintenance is timely. The general equipment has a service life of 8-10 years or even longer. It can be used for 5-8 years without maintenance; It also needs to be updated.


      With the changes of the times, enterprises will have higher and higher requirements for product packaging equipment, and manual operations will be replaced by intelligent, mechanized, and automated equipment. Enterprises will reduce manual investment and realize unmanned workshops to become a long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, the bag packaging machine will become the preferred equipment of choice for enterprises.

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