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Mini Horizontal Doypack Packaging Machine

Apr. 30, 2022

        Various special-shaped foods, seasonings, sauces, and liquid packaging are widely used in the market. The working process of the bag packaging machine is to first clamp the empty packaging bag to the left and right machine clips on the turntable of the packaging machine, and then follow the turntable. Rotate for transmission.

        During the indexing rotation of the turntable, the packaging bag completes the feeding, the bag mouth heat sealing and other work and finally arrives at the unloading station. At the unloading station, the machine clamp is opened to release the packing bag. Most of the bag-feeding packaging machines have complex structures and cumbersome control processes, which are not suitable for the needs of automatic control. 

        For this reason, LADNPACK has developed and produced a new type of horizontal bag-feeding packaging machine to solve these problems. Horizontal packaging machine.

Mini Horizontal Doypack Packaging Machine

        The bag packaging machine adopts advanced PLC control system, with friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation, and is equipped with a detection device, which can detect that the filling device does not perform filling and heat sealing when the machine has no packaging or the packaging bag is not opened.

        The device is not sealed, so as to avoid wasting packaging materials and raw materials. The equipment uses a frequency conversion speed control device, which can be freely adjusted within a certain range according to actual needs in production, and can quickly change the packaging bag specifications. The width of the automatic bag feeding device can be adjusted easily and quickly by adjusting the handle. Only one bolt is needed to complete the conversion, which is easy to operate.

        Oil-free vacuum pump is used to avoid pollution of the production environment. In line with the hygiene standards of the food processing industry, the parts on the machine that are in contact with materials or packaging bags are processed with stainless steel or other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety. Wide range of packaging, by choosing different measuring instruments, it can be applied to the packaging of liquid, sauce, granule, powder, irregular block and other materials. The packaging bag is suitable for a wide range of applications, and can be applied to prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite films, silica, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP and other materials. Low loss of packaging materials, using prefabricated packaging bags with perfect packaging bag patterns and good sealing quality, thus improving product quality.

Mini Horizontal Doypack Packaging Machine

        Sometimes, we will choose the Horizontal Doypack Machine rather than the Rotary the Doypack Machine. There are some advantages for choosing the horizontal Doypack machine.

The horizontal packaging machine moves in a straight line, while the rotary packaging machine will generate centrifugal force during the circular motion of the rotating station, and the material will have a pulling force on the packaging bag. 

Based on the above differences, the advantages of the horizontal packaging machine can be reflected in several aspects:

        1. The packaging bag is hot-pressed at a lower temperature, which is more effective than rotary hot-pressing and reduces the probability of packaging damage. 

        2. There is no centrifugal force, the packaging effect is more flat than the rotary type, and the packaging bag can bear higher material weight.

        3. The advantage of speed is obvious. The faster the rotary speed, the greater the centrifugal force and the higher the probability of defective products. Therefore, the speed of the horizontal packaging machine is much higher than that of the rotary type.

        If you have any interested in the Horizon packing machines, feel free to contact us. Our sales manager are here to support you to choose the right machine model to improve the productions.Here is the machine videos link, you could check it.

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