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How To Choose A Right Laundry Pods Repack Machine

May. 07, 2022

        Laundry beads are an innovative laundry product, named after the shape of beads. When you put one in the laundry, it can be quickly melted in water, and it can play the role of washing and cleaning. Recently, laundry beads have become very popular in the domestic market, especially on major online platforms, and have become the choice of many families.

        As the laundry beads are packaged and formed by a special packaging film. So what should we pay attention to when we are repackaging?

        This laundry bead packaging machine is suitable for packaging imported water-soluble film beads and PVA water-soluble film pods. Pre-made bags with zipper to reseal it after using, Basically, the machine can pack some common types of bags of imported laundry beads to meet market demands. Custom development is possible if other types of bag forms are required.


Rotary doypack machine (Premade bag)

1.Material feeder

        The feeding hopper has the function of vibrating and discharging. However, because the laundry beads are relatively soft and the effect of vibration is not obvious, the feeding hopper of our elevator adopts an inclined type and a belt drives the laundry beads to unload into the groove of the elevator to realize feeding.


2.Dosing system

        We recommend a combination scale as the measurement method. High accuracy ±1g

We recommend a minimum of 7 laundry beads per bag, as our smallest combo scale is 10 heads. 1-7 buckets are used for weighing, and the remaining 3 buckets are used for weight supplementation to reach the preset weight.

        If there are less than 7 laundry beads per bag, it will not be able to achieve high-precision weighing.

        We recommend spraying Teflon on the surface of the combination scale, because the laundry beads are packaged through a water-soluble film, and the packaging film is soluble in water and sticky. Teflon spray and pattern scales allow laundry beads to easily vibrate into the hopper during weighing. Non-stick combination scale.

3.Doypack machine

        The Laundry Condensate Packing Machine is a bag-feeding packaging machine, which consists of a bag-feeding machine host, 10 electronic combination scales, a work support platform and a Z-shaped material hoist. The working process is as follows: 

        the operator pours the laundry beads to be packaged into the vibrating hopper of the Z-type material elevator, and the vibrating hopper transports the beads to the material tray of the elevator. Points are measured in the 10-head electronic combination scale, and then the packaging process is completed through the steps of unloading, loading into zipper bags, sealing, and finished product output.

Packaging Materials:

Three-side sealing bag/four-side sealing bag/stand-up bag/handbag/zipper bag/composite bag, etc.

working process:

Loading the bag→printing the production date→opening the bag→filling 1→filling 2→vacancy→heat sealing→shaping and output

Performance characteristics:

1. The main optional configurations are material measuring and filling machine, working platform, weight sorting scale, material hoist, vibrating feeder, finished product conveying hoist, metal detector, etc.

2. The introduction of Japanese technology, under the general control system of PLC+POD, adopts a fully mechanical operation structure, and gradually replaces the pneumatic operation structure, which has higher requirements on the processing technology of components, easy to understand operation, stable operation and maintenance. Reduced, easy to clean and beautiful in appearance.

3. The bagged laundry condensate packaging machine produced by us replaces manual packaging and realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. This equipment automatically completes bag taking, bag loading, date printing, bag opening, point weighing, unloading, sealing and output.


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