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How Install The Powder Packing Machine

Apr. 19, 2022

        When you get the machines from our factory, there is a problem for you to solve. How to install the powder packing machine by yourself. We totally understand your feeling and worries on install the packing machines. Foshan landpack Machinery also consider many factors. Don’t worry, it is very easy for you to install and operate the machines, although it is the first time for you to use the automatic packing machine.

        Firstly, we will pack the whole set of machine into the wooden boxes, after the engineers have train and test the machine well.So the machine parameter have been set well on the machine.Customers just need to connect the electricity and click the “start” button.The machine will measure and make the bag automatically.


        So install the powder packing machine just need to follow 3 steps. The whole set of machine will be separated into 3 parts.


        One part is material storage hopper and second part is powder measuring device. The last part is LD-420D bag packer.

        Firstly, Installing the auger screws on the material storage hopper by the screws.

        Secondly, install the Powder measuring device on the Main bag packer.

        When you install the powder measuring devices, please kindly follow the steps to finish.


        You could move the handle and wheel to move the powder measuring device to up and down , and then put the powder stop leak device in to the bag former. 


        When the powder measuring device installed well , you could connect the eletricity base on the power.

        If you also have many questions on how to install the powder packing machine, we also take the machine installation videos to you , so it could teach you one steps by steps. Here is the link of the installation videos, please kindly check it. 

        By the way, if you have interest in our powder packing machine, you could contact us directly by our website Our sale manager will reply your questions online and support you to choose the suitable packing solution.

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