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Doypack Packaging Machine For The Pet Foods

Mar. 17, 2022

        At present, 1-2kg and 3-5kg pet food packaging on the market is popular with consumers, and the sales are not reduced. In response to the needs of manufacturers, for a richer range of packaging products and better control to reduce production costs, we have developed two different automatic pet food packaging machines for this purpose.

        The first one is a 1-2kg automatic packaging machine, which is aimed at the needs of users of zipper stand-up bags with exquisite packaging requirements. This packaging machine works through a turntable assembly line, automatically loading bags, opening bags, printing dates, filling products, sealing and outputting. The whole machine is used with a combined electronic scale, with higher accuracy and a speed of 15-25 bags per minute.

        Simple and convenient operation: The touch screen operates the machine, which is clear and clear, and the parameters can be saved. When changing the packaging parameters of different products, they can be called from the screen at any time, and the operation is simple. There is a one-button adjustment function of the bag width, which is convenient for changing different bag sizes.

        Oil-free pump vacuum design, environmental protection and environmental protection.

        Intelligent system: no bag opening, no filling, no waste of products and bags, and better control of production costs.

        The machine complies with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, and the parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel 304 or other materials that meet food-grade hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety, and comply with GMP standards.

        The machine adopts waterproof design, which is easy to clean, reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and improves the efficiency of the machine.


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