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How To Avoid The Weak Sealing On The Powder Packing Machine?

Jan. 04, 2022



      When using a powder packaging machine, there may be cases where the packaging is not tightly sealed, which will affect the normal progress of production and cause a lot of cost waste. What's the real reason for weak sealing happened?

      How to avoid the weak sealing on your Powder packing machine?


1. The inner layer of the packing material is uneven.

      If the powder packaging machine has an intermittent loose seal, we should first check whether it is the packaging bag problem. Find a few loosely sealed bags and sealed bags to carefully observe whether there are any differences in thickness. Locally, it is best to find a professional person to check the quality of the bag. Under normal circumstances, if it is because some bags have not made the inner layer uniform during the production process, these bags with uneven inner layers are extremely prone to lax sealing conditions during the packaging process.

2. Insufficient temperature of heat sealing device


      If the powder packaging machine has continuous lax sealing, it may be the problem of insufficient heat sealing temperature. When sealing, the packaging bag will be heated by the heat sealing device and then sealed. If it is heat-sealed again, the heat sealing temperature Insufficiency is not enough to melt and stick the seal of the packaging bag together, which will cause a large number of products to appear lax. If this happens, you need to stop packaging immediately, and then start to adjust the heat sealing temperature. But it should be noted that the heat sealing temperature should not be too high. The too high temperature will burn the bag when it is heat-sealed. So you have to adjust little by little to reach the temperature that suits this packaging bag


3. Too fine powder, Which is easy to raise dust. and it is too late to stop the material when cutting, and the powder sticks to the bag sealing and causes the weak sealing.


      If the powder is too fine, it is easy to raise dust. In the process of measuring and blanking, the powder flies and sticks to the inside of the bag seal, resulting in uneven heating and loose sealing during heat sealing. There is a leak. In addition, the powder is too fine and the fluidity is too good. When the packaging machine is sealing, the screw stops measuring, but the powder fluidity is too good and the material will continue to be fed, resulting in sealing material. The sealing is not tight. Therefore, The dust removal device and Anti-leaking valve would be strongly recommended on the powder packaging machine

      Please refer to the picture of the anti-leaking device.



In summary

      Choosing a suitable packaging solution requires not only the selection of appropriate packaging materials but also a professional packaging solution. It should fully consider the characteristics of the product and add some necessary functions according to the characteristics of the product.

      A professional packing solution would help you to increase your production and Improve packing efficiency.

      LANDPACK always be your Best partner in Packing machinery!


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