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How to pack 2kg-15kg organic soil gardening fertilizer?

Jan. 07, 2022

How to pack 2kg-15kg organic soil gardening fertilizer?

      As more and more people like to grow flowers and plants, ornamental trees, or their favorite fruits and vegetables in their backyards, indoor containers, organic fertilizer planting is environmentally friendly and healthy for self-produced fruits and vegetables, suitable for home composting.

How to pack 2kg-15kg organic soil gardening fertilizer?cid=39

      Organic fertilizers are still hot on the list of products that families love to buy in the market. How to package organic fertilizers to help manufacturers optimize production capacity and production costs? We have specially developed a set of fully automatic single-station packaging machines for this product.

How to pack 2kg-15kg organic soil gardening fertilizer?cid=39

      This automatic single-station packaging machine is suitable for packaging 2kg-15kg organic gardening fertilizer, which is in line with market sales. The machine is equipped with an electronic scale. The electronic scale is made of stainless steel 304, durable, and easy to clean. It can be switched freely on the electronic operation screen according to different packaging weight requirements, and it can automatically weigh and fill. The machine is suitable for sealing plastic bags and paper bags of various materials. The machine adopts the method of down auto-feeding the bags. In order to ensure that the bag is opened large enough to facilitate filling, the machine has three sets of the bag opening suction cups to open the bag manually to ensure stable filling. No sprinkling, machine filling after the bag is opened successfully, and no material is unloaded if the bag is unsuccessfully opened. When sealing, the machine holds the bag firmly to make the sealing beautiful and firm.

      This automatic single-station packaging machine has a packaging speed of 5-10 bags/min. The whole process is automated. Only one person needs to add materials and bags, which greatly reduces labor costs and optimizes production efficiency. The machine is equipped with an output finished product conveying line, which can be automatically connected to the back-end packing and packaging. We can design an automatic conveying line for you according to the site.

      According to the production demand, we have a team of engineers to design the packaging plan for you and deliver you the satisfactory plan and equipment.

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